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European treatment
protocols and equipment
in Ukrainian prices
Complex treatment:
from braces
to implantation
Our doctors
are certified
and trained abroad
For patients
living in Kyiv
  • Suitable location in the city center
  • Comfortable working schedule: from Monday to Sunday
  • Appointment at a convenient time for you
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For patients
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  • Dental treatment planning for a short visit
  • Credit card/cash/bank transfer payment in accordance to preliminary invoice
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Great prices for top quality services
Tooth Treatment
From 37 €
Gum Treatment
From 102 €
From 80 €
Dental Implants
From 309 €
From 262 €
Tooth Extraction
From 17 €
Tooth Whitening
From 109 €
Preventive Cleaning
From 47 €
Action plan for dental tourists
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Call us or send a request from web-site or from facebook. Send us your panoramic dental X-ray in advance.
We will check the state of your teeth and gums and be ready to give you a comprehensive consultation.
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Get a remote consultation for free.
A doctor will look through your panoramic X-ray, listen carefully to your concerns and find a right solution for them.
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Pre-treatment plan & estimates
We present you all available treatment options, calculate the cost of dental care, discuss with you a preliminary plan of treatment and schedule appropriate appointment date.
Free of charge!
Our team makes sure that every procedure is completed precisely and in accordance with all European treatment protocols.
We want every our patient to feel comfortable and well-cared of.
We provide a 24-months warranty for our works.
Whithin this period we will correct and solve dental problems at no fee. Please ask our manager for warranty terms.
Discover Ukraine
The charming landscapes, fairytale castles, and mouthwatering recipes are sure to exceed your expectations. Come here to be filled with the spirit of the Cossacks and to try our famous borsch.
Our clinic office accepts Mastercard and Visa credit cards as well as cash and bank transfer in accordance to preliminary invoice
To help you reimburse your financial expenses quickly and easily by your Insurance company, we will provide you with all the necessary documents.
Here at Healthy Dent we aim to deliver the best and most comprehensive dental care available
Dental clinic in Kyiv
Dental clinic in Kyiv
Dental clinic in Kyiv
All types of dental treatment
Gygyenic procedures
computer dental tomography
Our dentists
Mikhail Yudin
Chief doctor
Myroslav Gorbatyuk
Tetiana Bats
Hygienist Periodontist
Yaroslava Komarnytska
Yaroslav Naumenko
Yaroslav Naumenko
Oleksandr Bukhantsov
Oleksandr Bukhantsov
Volodymyr Alekseev
Maxim Kucherov
Maxim Kucherov
Solomiya Matsenko
Marat Yuldashev
Natallya Tereschenko
Children Therapist
 Nikolaenko Yana Dmitrievna
Nikolaenko Yana Dmitrievna
Dmytro Shulzhenko
Therapist, Еndodontist
Volodymyr Kosharny
Boyko Andrey Vladimirovich
Boyko Andrey Vladimirovich
Mikhail Yudin
Mikhail Yudin
Healthy Dent Chief Doctor
Dear Guest
I will be glad to welcome you in the clinic Healthy Dent, one of the best Kyiv's dentistry. I am very happy not only to show you the legendary Ukrainian hospitality, but also to help you in solving any issues related to tooth care.

Dental clinic Healthy Dent is able to offer you qualitative European treatment at prices of 2, 3, or even 4 times less than in European countries. And at the same time, you will discover our rich traditions, try one of the most delicious cuisines in the world and meet open-minded and friendly people.

I look forward to seeing you.
Do you have any questions?
Ask me anything that disturbs you. I will answer you within 24 hours